Who Is CulinaryWoman?

CulinaryWoman is me, Micki Maynard, or more formally, Micheline Maynard. I’ve always had two big interests: the transportation world, and food. (Be sure to check out my other Substack, Intersection: Everything That Moves.)

I took cooking classes from Patricia Wells in Paris and at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, the only North American branch of the famous Paris cooking school. I discovered two things.

One, I liked the people who were expressing their creativity through ingredients. I stayed away from the celebrity chefs who had big personalities but treated their employees badly. Instead, I looked for emerging talents who operated with integrity, and followed their growth. Two, restaurants and food places are a fascinating business, but they aren’t covered that way. Much of the focus was flavors and presentation, not dollars and cents.

I saw an opportunity to help people understand that world, and CulinaryWoman came to life.

Where does the name come from?

In the 2000s, I met a delightful Canadian blogger named Evelyn Hannon, who created JourneyWoman, the original blog for women travelers. Evelyn became like a fairy godmother to me, always there when I needed a guiding hand.

Evelyn knew how much I enjoyed the food world, and one day said to me, “You could call yourself CulinaryWoman” and the name was born. Evelyn is no longer with us, but I think of her whenever I type the name.

What is CulinaryWoman about?

The food world is a wild ride. CulinaryWoman brings you the latest trends, interesting people and dining directions. You’ll hear about podcasts, documentaries, streaming shows and cookbooks. I share what I’m writing and broadcasting, from my travels and most recently, my lives in New Orleans and Ann Arbor.

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